Glenn Mortensen, better known as DOLO, is Chicago’s premier open format DJ. With more than 12 years experience on the turntables, it’s no surprise that he can effortlessly bring any room together with his high energy mixes.

When Dolo first stepped into the Chicago music scene, he had already acquired an elevated intelligence of musical style, and how to bring the night together through a vast variety of different genres of music. He can hype any room with his signature hip hop sets, or switch it up with moombahton, dance hall, and soul.

One can accredit his craft to his childhood of listening to high energy mix tapes of his early mentors like Kid Capri and Funk Master Flex. He got his hands on his first turn tables at age 18 and started to sell his own mix tapes in the flea markets in his hometown of Indianapolis. Knowing he had the skill, he took his hip hop, R&B, soul, and dancehall genres to the house music mecca of Chicago to get the exposure he needed to take it to the next level – and he’s been on track ever since.

In the corporate and private event world Dolo’s open format style can range from party rock and throwback mash-ups to evolved indie rock and nu disco. His knowing of a vast number of genres and then carefully selecting tracks can create a customized experience for any party.

You can find him playing big sound at the hottest clubs across the country, including his residencies in Chicago at The Underground, Joy District and Bottled Blonde just to name a few.

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